Judas and Magnolia

A world traveling husband and wife team of entertainers featuring escape artist stunts, fire, music, and more.

Our Shop

Check out the latest Judas and Magnolia goodies, including Magnolia’s second album “Para María,” and our cosmic horror tabletop rpg “Pan: His Majesty in Yellow” both available for preorder!

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Our Acts

The acts we offer are all different, with diverse skill sets, narratives, and props, but what is consistent is that all of them focus on inspiring our audiences to stay kind and live their best lives.

Wide Range of Skills

“Without a doubt the most talented pair I’ve had the pleasure to watch. I’ve been a follower of their shows for a few years now, and seeing their wide range of skills is nothing short of amazing. Always engaging and entertaining, they are truly among the best professional artists working today!”

Dan Bernardo

Fun for the Whole Family

“We got to see 2 of the 3 shows you did at the Kentucky Renaissance Fair and they were amazing so interactive and the kids loved everything you did. The water escape was amazing!”

Alex Lobato

Mind Blowing

“My mind was absolutely blown today by Judas and Magnolia at the Brevard Renaissance Fair. I’m still in awe.”

Lillie Stewart

Judas and Magnolia

A husband and wife team of variety artists traveling the world, inspiring others to live their very best lives.

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