Burning Box Escape


Judas and Magnolia: Daring Escapes’ most popular escape!

This escape stunt is a narrative driven escape act that tells the story of Dr. Judas being captured by pirates., Through a series of pirate themed games, audience volunteers are selected to play the pirates who bind Judas in restraints as directed by the story and under the watch of Magnolia. He is bound in a straitjacket, wrapped in 20ft of steel chains, tied to a wooden yoke, sealed inside a 14oz thick canvas bag, and locked within a wooden shipping crate. Once the restraints have been firmly set in place by volunteers, Magnolia assumes the role of the Pirate Queen while she demonstrates the beautiful art of fire manipulation and sets the wooden box ablaze with Judas bound inside and then eats the flaming torch. As the box burns and Judas struggles for freedom, the “Pirate Queen” leads the audience in singing traditional sea shanties. To the amazement of the crowd Judas escapes and completes the story! However, the escape is not what Judas intended. Struggling to get out of the burning crate Judas looses his pants and finds himself exposed in comedy boxers.

This escape runs 30min and can be performed with a pirate, steampunk, or western theme.

Judas & Magnolia are insured by Specialty Insurance Agency so that you can enjoy a professional fire performance without worry!

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