Judas and Magnolia are a husband and wife team of escape artists and illusionists who have performed some of the world’s most dangerous escape stunts such as being locked inside burning boxes, chained and submerged underwater, and straitjacketed while dangling upside down over spikes. Through comedy, suspense, and abundant audience participation the pair work to tell fantastical narratives and bring crowds to the edge of their seats with death-defying stunts. Judas and Magnolia hope to inspire their audiences to “live their very best lives” by being living examples of courage and love.

Judas and Magnolia are both founding members of the Weasel Road Show which tours the American Midwest and South, and have sat on the board of directors for the St. Louis City of Night Festival, a local community arts organization. Magnolia currently is part of the Board of Directors for the RESCU Foundation, a national 501(c)3 focused on the health and medical well being of Renaissance Festival participants.

The duo has studied vocal performance, fire performance, dance, mime, physical comedy, and circus arts at institutions all over the country, including the Chicago Physical Theater, the world-renowned Celebration Barn Physical Theater in Portland Maine, and St. Louis’ Everyday Circus.