Chain Escape


Dripping with jokes and audience participation, this 30min escape act is perfect for an event organizer who wants a less death-defying but more comedy filled escape option. Judas opens this act with a demonstration of skill by jugging both objects and the audience as he delivers one laugh line after another. Working with members of the crowd, Judas introduces numerous sets of restraints (Roman chain arm shackles, Soviet made thumb-cuffs, Winchester handcuffs, Civil War era wrist irons AND MORE) which are used to lock down Judas’s arms and hands before his body is tightly wrapped in 50ft of steel chains and 5 high security padlocks. Once bound in locks and chains, Judas takes a moment to pose for photos with members of the audience before he starts the escape. In FULL VIEW he struggles against the restraints, manages to twist, stretch, and wiggle, freeing himself from one item after another.

This escape act is versatile enough to fill a large stage or can be packed light enough to perform in a park or on a street corner.


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