Suffocation Escape


This act is the most unique and versatile of death-defying escape stunts offered by Judas and Magnolia Daring Escapes. Through the use of plastic bags and zip-ties, a modern flair is put on escape artistry during this 30min performance (or the 8 minute cabaret option). Judas begins this act by leading the audience in a set of cheering exercises; bringing the crowd from silent to raucous and everything in between. Once warmed up, Judas tells a tale of marital discord, even going so far as to mock his beloved (who is no where to be seen) by reenacting a comical argument between himself and Magnolia! After drawing the audience in on the argument through a set of call and response lines, Judas explains that his wife declared “You couldn’t find your way out of a plastic sack!” and he’s going to put his wife’s claim to the test. Then, seated at a small table with arms outstretched through a cinder-block, Judas allows an audience member to tightly apply the zip-cuffs to his wrists and fingers. It’s then that Magnolia sneaks onto stage out of Judas’s view. The climax of the act occurs when, Magnolia, using a plastic sack, puts her claim to the test by placing the bag over her husband’s head. Judas must struggle to free himself from the restraints before running out of air, or else prove his wife correct!

Judas & Magnolia are insured by Specialty Insurance Agency so that you can enjoy a death-defying escape without worry!

Video credits to the wonderfully generous John D. Williams!

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