Victorian Seance

Seekers and queriers, hark! An evening of mystery awaits…

Pendulums will sway, tea leaves will tell their tales, and spirits from beyond will reach out to those gathered around our table. Let us be your guides through the occult as we transport you to a time and place in which the enigmatic shroud will leave you puzzling between fact and fiction. Come, envelop yourself in the dark mystery of Judas & Magnolia’s Victorian Seance!

If you’ve ever wondered what sort of mystical things went on behind the closed doors of a spiritualist seance during their 19th century heyday, this spell binding performance will call upon many of the same techniques employed by the spiritualists of yesteryear… and will leave you guessing as to just how we managed it all!

Featured at the Big River Steampunk Festival in Hannibal MO, Noir Arts & Oddities in Kansas City, and The Monocle in St. Louis, this exclusive show has limited availability… please allow at least 2 months in advance for booking.