Metamorphosis Box

40792339_1015092315334585_8144550679587848192_n (1)We are sorry to disappoint all the Kafka fans out there, but Judas will not be turning into a insect… Instead Judas and Magnolia will be presenting Harry Houdini’s (and his wife Bess’s) legendary escape stunt, the Metamorphosis! Your favorite duo, Judas and Magnolia, will once again tell an adventure story filled with dastardly villains. Judas will be captured and locked inside a large wooden trunk, after being restrained with handcuffs, ropes, canvas bags, locks, shackles, chains and more. The queen of the villains (played by Magnolia) then stands on the trunk and hoists the evil gang’s flag. When the flag is dropped, it is revealed to be Judas who is standing atop the box, and Magnolia has disappeared. When the trunk is opened, it is shown to contain Magnolia, with a fun little surprise of her own that is sure to keep audiences laughing for weeks to come! 

Houndini and Bess while performing this stunt would change places in the twinkle of the eyes (three seconds). Judas and Magnolia perform the stunt in two. Bring a stop watch and time it for yourself!