Our Calendar


Take a look at our calendar to see at which festivals Judas and Magnolia are contracted.


Book in Advance

Most years, Judas and Magnolia book about one year in advance. If you’d like us at your event, reaching out sooner rather than later is probably your best bet, with an email or phone call check in every few months.

Promoting Us

We’re happy to provide your team with photos and write ups of our acts for your social media content. They can be taken from our website or we can send them directly to you via email!

What We Need

The different acts that we offer have different requirements. Some examples include: water, electricity, and a stage that can support 2,000 lbs. If your team can’t provide the things necessary for one of our shows, we will do our best to work with you to perform something different but just as entertaining!

Promoting You

We’re happy to promote your event across our platforms, distribute flyers and coupons, and show up for television or radio segments. We truly believe that teamwork makes the dreamwork, so let’s work together to make sure your event is everything you want it to be and more!

Let’s make something together.